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To create a sales order for make-to-order goods where cost management is performed using the sales order, proceed as follows:

  1. In the initial screen, choose Logistics ® Sales and distribution ® Sales.
  2. Choose Order ® Create.
  3. Enter the order type and, if necessary, the organizational data.
  4. The values for sales organization, for distribution channel and the division are usually proposed from user-defined parameters. Entries for the sales office and the sales group are optional.

  5. Choose Enter.
  6. Enter the following data:
  7. Customer number of the sold-to party

    Customer purchase order number

    Material number

    Order quantities for the material

  8. Choose Enter.
  9. If the prerequisites for Creating a Sales Order With Make-to-Order Items (Cost Management Using the Sales Order) have been met, the system automatically determines the appropriate requirements type for the material. This requirements type controls make-to-order production.

    At the same time, a business segment for allocating the costs to profitability analysis and a settlement rule are determined at item level.


    If you want to settle costs to a general ledger account rather than to a profitability segment, you can change the settlement rule manually and enter the relevant general ledger account number in the account assignment screen for the item.

  10. If you want to pass on specific information to production, choose Goto ® Item ® Texts to create a production memo at order item level.
  11. This memo is automatically copied into the production order.

  12. Save your document.

The system saves the sales order and creates individual requirements for the make-to-order items. This initiates production. The production orders which are created on the basis of the requirements are assigned to the appropriate sales order items.


If the order is created with reference to a quotation, costs and stocks can be managed in the quotation. The quotation number is then adopted into the sales order as account assignment. Alternatively, you can change the settings in Customizing so that cost management and sales order inventory management only starts with the sales order. For this, you must assign a requirement type to the item category of the quotation that does not permit make-to-order production .

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