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To distribute ATP quantities, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Backorder Processing: Change Committed Quantity screen, you can distribute some or all of the ATP quantity by entering a quantity in the Committed field in the Sales requirements section of the screen. This quantity fulfills some or all of the requirements for the backordered item.
  2. Choose Enter to display the updated requirements situation.
  3. Choose Copy to confirm the data.
  4. Choosing Backorder processing ® Save.

If you selected more than one material in the selection list, the system automatically displays the next material you selected.

Example of Distributing ATP Quantities

140 pieces have been confirmed already for sales orders 14940, 14942 and 14981 in the unrestricted use stock. A backorder of 5 pieces exists for sales order 14943. Only 15 of the original order quantity of 20 pieces could be confirmed so the cumulative ATP quantity stands at 5.

The backordered quantity of 5 pieces can be fulfilled from the (in this case identical) ATP quantity. You do this by entering 20 pieces to replace the original 15 in the Committed field and choosing Copy. The cumulative ATP quantity is now used up and stands at zero. Sales order 14943 is fully confirmed.



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