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When you create an invoice correction request, you must refer it to an available billing document (invoice).


  1. In the initial screen, choose Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Sales.
  2. Choose Order ® Create.
  3. In the Order type field, enter the correct order type for an invoice correction request. This is RK in the standard system. If necessary, enter the organizational data.
  4. Normally the system proposes the values for the sales organization, distribution channel and division from the user-specific parameters. Entries for the sales office and the sales group are optional.

  5. Choose Enter.
  6. A dialog box will appear, where you can enter the billing document number.

  7. In the Billing document field in the dialog box, enter the billing document number that belongs to the invoice you want to refer to and choose Copy.
  8. The system copies the relevant header and item data from the invoice into the invoice correction request. It then lists all the credit items, followed by the relevant debit items.

    The RefDoc (reference document) and RefIt (reference item) fields in the overview screen show how the items relate to each other.

  9. Change the necessary debit items.
  10. The Net value field then displays the difference between the credit and debit items as a total value.


    In credit items, you can only change the following data:


    Reason for rejection

    Billing block

    Account assignment

  11. If necessary, delete unchanged items with the Delete item function.
  12. Save the invoice correction request.


After you have released an invoice correction request, you can create a credit memo.




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