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A sales document used in complaints processing to correct the quantity or price of one or more items in an invoice.


The invoice correction request is the same as the differential credit memo in the SAP R/2 System.


You can create an invoice correction request if the wrong prices have been calculated for the customer. The invoice correction request can be automatically blocked by the system until it has been checked.

The system calculates the difference between the amount that was originally calculated and the corrected amount for each item.

Once it has been approved, you can remove the block. The system creates a credit memo with reference to the invoice correction request. If the remaining amount is positive, the total value does not have a + sign, if the remaining amount is negative, the total value has a sign.


An invoice correction request is a type of sales order, like the standard order. For more information on sales documents, see Working With Sales Documents.

An invoice correction request has the following structure:

This contains the data that is relevant for the whole invoice correction request, such as sold-to party and payer, and the total value of the invoice correction request.

Two items are automatically created for each item from the invoice, to be copied for the invoice correction request:

These contain the same value and quantity.

In the credit item, the system credits the customer with the full value. If you change the debit item (for example, due to new pricing or a change in quantities), this results in a difference amount.


In most cases, an invoice correction request is created with the aim that a credit memo is generated. In the standard system, the invoice correction request is therefore characterized as a credit memo request, which means that the system creates a credit memo based on the invoice correction request.

In Customizing, you can change this, so that the invoice correction request is characterized as a debit memo request. In this case, the system creates a debit memo, based on the invoice correction request. You can change these settings in Customizing under Sales ® S ales Documents ® Sales document header ® Define sales document types in the Sales document categ. field.

Regardless of whether the invoice correction request is a credit or debit memo, the first item is always a credit item and the second is a debit item.

If you want the system to generate a credit memo for a positive remaining amount, and a debit memo for a negative remaining amount, you need to set an additional sales document type in Customizing, for example, ZRK1 (invoice correction request for debit memos). This sales document should be characterized as a "debit memo request". In addition, you make the setting that this sales document type should be billed with a debit memo (for example, with the billing type L2 ).

Before you create an invoice correction request, you need to consider from the very start what it should be generated for. If the aim is a credit memo, you use the sales document type RK for the invoice correction request, if the aim is a debit memo, you use the sales document type ZRK1 .

You can find further information about setting up a new sales document type in the implementation guide (IMG) under Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Sales Documents.

You can find further information about setting up a billing type with which this sales document type should be billed in the IMG under Sales and Distribution ® Billing ® Billing Documents ® Maintain Copying Cotrol for Billing Documents, Activity: Copying Control: Sales document to billing document.


You create invoice correction requests with reference to an invoice.



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