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When you create a return based on a complaint, you:

Process Flow

  1. You create a sales document with the order type for returns. You can create the return in one of the following ways:
  2. Without reference to an order

    With reference to an existing order

    Here you enter which order the complaint refers to.

    With reference to an invoice

    Here you enter which invoice the complaint refers to.

    You can block the return in Customizing, so it is not invoiced. Go to Sales ® Sales Documents ® Sales document header ® Define sales document type in the billing block field in the billing section.

  3. If the returned goods are sent to your warehouse, create a delivery (returns delivery) with reference to the return. The goods issue posted for the returns delivery matches the goods receipt to your own stock.
  4. After you have checked the goods, you can implement one of the following activities for the complaint:

You should bear in mind the following:

The order quantity rather than the delivered quantity is used as the basis for the credit memo. If the customer returns only some of the goods and disposes of the remaining goods himself, you can still create a credit memo for the full amount. On the other hand, you can create a partial credit memo for certain items even if the customer returns the entire quantity. To do this, the quantity to be ordered in the return has to be reduced to the quantity to be credited.

If the customer is to receive replacement goods, do not create a credit memo. You can enter a reason for rejection for the appropriate items in the return. You then create a free of charge subsequent delivery with reference to the return in order to send the replacement goods to the customer. For more detailed information on the free of charge subsequent delivery, see Free of Charge Subsequent Deliveries.

The following graphic displays the document flow for creating a return. The broken lines show that the return does not have to refer to a preceding document:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text




After you have approved the complaint, you can create a credit memo with reference to the return.

If the customer asks for replacement materials, you can create a free of charge subsequent delivery based on the return.





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