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Implementation Considerations

The following processes are available in complaints processing:

Although these are not complaints, they are offered as part of this component. A free-of-charge delivery is used to send a customer a free sample of your products.

If the customer complains (for example, that they received the wrong quantity) you can send them the extra material later free of charge. This free-of-charge subsequent delivery always refers to a sales order.

If the customer complains, for instance, that the goods were faulty, you take the goods back to check them. Once you have checked the goods, you can implement one of the following activities:

- Send the customer a credit memo

- Make a subsequent delivery of the goods, free of charge

If the customer complains that the price was miscalculated (for example, too high) you request a credit memo for the appropriate sum, and you do not take the goods back.

If prices were calculated as too low, you request a debit memo.

The invoice correction request works in the same way as credit and debit memo requests, but here you enter the price or quantity that should have been calculated. The system then calculates the difference and creates either a debit or a credit memo, depending on whether the difference is negative or positive.

Implementation Considerations

You need this component for processing complaints, or for sending free samples or products to your customers.


All complaints can be approved or rejected. Once a complaint has been approved, you create either a credit or debit memo, depending on the type of complaint.

If you reject a complaint, you can specify a reason for the rejection and this can be used as selection criteria for listing complaints.




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