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To create an assortment module, proceed as follows:

  1. From the R/3 initial screen choose Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Master data.
  2. Choose Products ® Value contract - Assortment module ® Create.
    You will then be in the Create assortment module: Initial Screen.
  3. Module type 6 is defined for the value contract.

  4. For external number assignment, enter a module number.
    You can then use existing modules as a reference by entering the name of the module under reference.
  5. Choose Enter.
  6. Enter a short description for the module.
  7. Enter a validity period for the product proposal.
    During a release, the system checks if the release date lies within the validity period.
  8. Create the materials that you wish to assign as items to a module.
  9. Note

    You can display a list of materials as a product proposal, which you can then copy into the assortment module. To do this, choose Suggest material, enter the selection criteria in the subsequent screen and copy the selected materials to the items. Use Edit ® Delete item to delete the materials that you do not want to copy to the assortment module.

  10. Save your entries.


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