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In order to achieve technical control of value contract items for value contracts referring to an assortment module or a product hierarchy, you need a material in the item. This is, for example, important for controlling control derivation and statistics update. You can set this material as default. This predefined material is then automatically copied into the item. The item category group for value contracts must be assigned to the material in the material master. If a material is entered, then the item category is created for the value contract. This item category is taken from the item category group in combination with the sales document type.


To create a value contract, proceed as follows:

  1. In the initial screen, choose Logistics ® Sales and distribution ® Sales.
  2. Choose Contract ® Create.
  3. In the Contract type field, choose Value contract, and enter the required organizational data.
  4. The values for sales organization, for distribution channel and the division are usually proposed from user-defined parameters. Entries for the sales office and the sales group are optional.

    In the standard system, the following two sales document types are defined:

    Value contract general (VC1)

    Value contract general (VC2)

  5. Choose Enter.
  6. Enter the following data:
  7. Customer number of the sold-to party in the Sold-to party field.

    Customer purchase order number for this document

    Validity period in the Valid from and Valid to fields

    Description of value contract

    The master contract number (see also Master Contracts)

    Material number(s)

    Target values for the materials

    The target value is the planned entire value for the material in the contract.

    only for value contracts not referring to material: Product hierarchy and/or assortment modules


    Additionally, you can define contract duration for the value contracts VC2 in the Contract start date and Contract end date fields. You can define both contract duration and header level per item. The contract duration at item level can be different to the contact data at header level.

  8. Choose Enter.
  9. If you want to enter further data for the header or items, select the corresponding menu entry. If you wish to change data for an item, select the item before you choose the menu entry.

  10. Enter all the necessary data.
  11. Save the document.


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