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  1. On the initial screen, choose Logistics ® Sales and distribution ® Sales.
  2. Choose Outline agreement ® Contract ® Create.
  3. Note

    You can also link existing contracts to master contracts. In this case, choose Outline agreement ® Contract ® Change. Then enter the contract number and go to step 6.

  4. Enter the contract type and, if necessary, the organizational data.
  5. The values for sales organization, distribution channel, and division may be proposed from the user parameters. Entries for the sales office and the sales group are optional.

  6. Choose Enter.
  7. If you have activated the check for existing master contracts in Customizing and master contracts already exist for the customer, a dialog box appears. You can branch from the dialog box into the list of master contracts and select a suitable master contract from the list by placing the cursor on the master contract and choosing Copy.

    If no dialog box appears, you reach the contract overview screen. Either enter a master contract number or search for a suitable master contract using a matchcode.

  8. Choose Enter.
  9. The system determines whether the reference is valid by checking that

    The contract type can refer to the master contract type

    The identical fields match

    If the reference is valid, the system copies the data from the master contract into the contract according to the referencing procedure assigned to the master contract.

    If the reference is not valid, the system issues an error message. If the identical fields do not match, it deletes the number in the Master contract field. In this case, either enter a suitable master contract number or check the settings in the Customizing activity Define Referencing Requirements.

  10. Enter any other data you require.
  11. Note

    The referencing procedure in the master contract controls whether you can change the data which was copied from the master contract.

  12. Save the document.


The system issues a message informing you of the number under which it has saved the contract. The contract is linked to the master contract. The referencing procedure in the master contract controls how the system reacts when changes are made to either the master or lower level contract.

Once a contract has been linked to a master contract, you can no longer change the referencing procedure in the master contract.




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