Entering content frameProcedure documentation Changing Scheduling Agreements Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To change a scheduling agreement, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Logistics ® Sales and distribution ® Sales on the main menu screen.
  2. Choose Outline agreement ® Scheduling agreement ® Change.
  3. Enter the document number in the Scheduling agreement field or search for the number with the help of a matchcode.
  4. Choose Enter.
  5. If deliveries were already created for the scheduling agreement, the system informs you that subsequent documents exist and must be taken into account. To display these documents, choose Environment ® Display document flow. All deliveries created for the scheduling agreement are displayed here. From here, you can use Goto functions to display further information about the items in the following screens:

    The delivery overview in which the ordered, confirmed, delivered and invoiced quantities are displayed

    The status overview that shows the different status features of the items

  6. Choose Goto ® Back to reach the overview screen.
  7. Make your changes and save the document.



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