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Implementation Considerations

Cash sales is an order type for when the customer orders, picks up and pays for the goods immediately. The delivery is processed as soon as the order has been entered. A cash invoice can be printed immediately from the order and billing is related to the order. Receivables do not occur for the customer as they do for rush or standard orders, because the invoice amount is posted directly to a cash account.

Process Flow

In the standard system, sales document type BV is saved for cash sales with immediate delivery type BV.

When the sales employee creates a cash sale, the system automatically proposes the current date as the date for delivery and billing. Once the order has been posted, a delivery with type BV is created immediately in the background and the system prints a document that is used as an invoice for the customer.

The invoice papers are controlled with output type RD03, contained in the output determination procedure for order type BV.

If the customer has already received the goods, this delivery should not be relevant for picking. If the customer is to pick the goods up from a warehouse, the delivery should be relevant for picking. If the goods are to be sent, this can be processed by maintaining the delivery in the usual way.

The system automatically creates a resource-related billing index which updates the billing due list. Billing document BV is created as the system processes the billing due list, but an invoice is not printed.

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Once the customer has received the goods and is satisfied with them, the transaction is considered to be complete. We recommend that you post goods issue in the background using a program designed specifically for this purpose. You can then bill the transaction.


The cash sale can only be billed if the order quantity is the same as the goods issue quantity. If this is not the case, you need to adjust the cash sale document so that the delivered quantity and the quantity to be billed match.

You use an order-related collective billing process to bill the cash sale, but an invoice is not printed. The sales order number is used as the reference for the accounting document, created in Financial Accounting.

Dealing with Problems and Complaints

If the transaction does not run smoothly, manual intervention is necessary. For example, if the required quantity of goods is not found in the warehouse, you need to adjust the delivery quantity. Equally, if the customer is not prepared to pay the agreed price, because, for example, the goods are scratched, you can change the price in the cash sale document.


In extreme cases, you can delete the entire transaction, starting with the delivery.

If the delivery is damaged before it is picked up but after it is paid for and there is no replacement stock, you can initiate a subsequent delivery.

If you make changes to the cash sale, you can issue a new cash sale invoice using the repeat printout function.





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