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You can block sales orders for the following subsequent functions:

The system does not let you create a delivery for a sales order that is blocked for shipping. You receive an error message telling you that the order is blocked for delivery.

The system does not allow you to create a billing document for a delivery that is blocked for billing in the underlying sales order. When you try to create individual billing documents, the system enters a message in the relevant log. In the case of collective processing of billing documents, the delivery is not included in the billing due list.

In addition, it is possible to block sales document types for certain customers, so that youi can prevent certain types of sales documents being created for a particular customer.

Setting a Delivery Block

You can set a delivery block at header level as well as in the individual items and schedule lines:


A delivery block at header level is only effective if it has been assigned to the corresponding delivery type in Customizing (table TVLSP). Regardless of this assignment, the delivery block is still effective at schedule line level.

Setting a Billing Block

You can set a billing block at header level and for the individual items:



You can also use the fast change function to set delivery and billing blocks at header and item level. For more information, see Making Fast Changes.


Blocking Sales Document Types

It is also possible to customize your system so that specific types of sales documents are blocked for specific customers. For more information, see Structure link Blocking a Customer Master Record.



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