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There are two ways of creating a sales document with reference to another sales document:

You can copy both the item and the header data from the source document (for example, quotation) to the target document (for example, sales order).

The system copies the item data from the source document, such as the quotation. The system only copies the header data if you leave the Sold-to party field blank.

To create a sales document with reference, choose Sales document ® Create with reference.

The system displays a dialog box in which you can choose between six tab pages (inquiry, quotation, sales order, contract, scheduling agreement or billing document). In the tab page you can specify the document number of the reference document and either copy it completely or use Selection list to copy some of the items.

Copying Item Data

You can use Selection list in the dialog box which appears when you create with reference to copy some of the items to the new document.

To copy selected items in the new document, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Selection list.
  2. Deselect the items you do not want to copy into the new document. If necessary, change the quantities of the items to be copied.
  3. Choose Copy to copy the selected items into the new document.

You can copy items partially unless full reference is defined for the document type. Your system administrator is responsible for the definition of full and partial references.


Incomplete sales documents cannot be copied.

Copying Multiple Documents into a New Document

When you create a new document, you can also copy items from several documents into the new document. To do this, use the Create with reference function again and enter the document from which you want to copy data.

Copying a Document into Multiple New Documents

Your administrator may have specified full reference for the copy function. This means that the entire document must be copied into a new document. If full reference is not specified, you can copy a document into several documents. In this case, you can select items for a document using the selection list.

You can also copy an item into several documents by copying only one part of the item quantity in each case. In the next document, you can select only those items or quantities that have not yet been copied from the reference document.



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