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When entering alternatives for an item, you must enter them directly below the item. To enter alternative items in a quotation or an inquiry, proceed as follows:

  1. If you know which material the customer is most likely to choose, enter it as a main item in the quotation or inquiry.
  2. Enter the following information for the alternative item directly under the main item it is meant to replace.
  1. Save the quotation.


If you are copying an inquiry with alternative items into a quotation or copying a quotation into a sales order, the system automatically copies only the main items. If you want to copy an alternative item instead, you can use the Selection list function that appears automatically in a dialog box when you create a new document with reference to an existing one. Here, you simply select the relevant alternative items to be copied.


A customer requests a quotation for 100 pieces of material A. You enter a line in the quotation and the system issues item number 10. The customer has also said that you can send them material B if material A is not available. You therefore enter a second line in the quotation for 100 pieces of material B and enter the item number for material A (in this case, 10) in the second line.



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