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If you create a sales document with reference to a preceding document, the system copies nearly all the data from the preceding document. The data in the preceding document originally comes from the customer and material master records. Because the data is copied from the preceding documents into the sales document, any changes that have been made to the master data records since the preceding document was created are not included in the sales document. If, when you create with reference, you add another item to the document that was not in the preceding document, the system determines the data for it from the master records, such as the material master or info record.


You have created an inquiry and a quotation with reference to this inquiry. Before you created the quotation, you changed some data in the material and customer master records.

When you created the inquiry, the system copies the original material description to the item. If you enter another item in the quotation for the same material, the system displays the new material description for the new item.

However, the system continues to propose the original term of payment, that is, ZB01, for all items including the new one. This is because it is copied from the header of the preceding document into the header of the quotation, and the change in the customer master record has no affect on the quotation.


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