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The SAP system provides a list of useful standard reports for each phase of the implementation as well as for the continued and successful management of a productive Activity-Based Costing. Users can modify these reports to meet their needs, even if they deal with exceptional issues. The interactive interpretation of the system's reporting allows you to follow all costs to their origin, even down to the document level. The system categorizes the reports into three large themes.

Reports to verify the process model

A series of reports serves to check process models built up in the SAP System; focus is on completeness and consistency.

The principle questions are addressed by the reports listed below:

How do I verify the process model?

What are the Sender/Receiver Dependencies/Relationships?

How do I ensure a consistent enterprise process plan?

How do I generate and verify an Activity-Based Budget?

Reports for process and resource analysis

One of the goals of Activity-Based Costing is to optimize the business processes. With unused resource capacity must either be reduced step by step to effect cost savings potential, or they are applied to value-added activities to cope with future growth. Both scenarios increase the value of the enterprise in the medium term. To cover the potentials to optimize in these areas, the following reports are provided:

Where is the potential to optimize?

What Does a Process Cost?

What resources are causing these costs?

Does the resource consumption concur with plan?

Data for Benchmarking?

Is outsourcing possible?

What are the utilization and efficiency of my resources like?

What is the efficiency of the process in the enterprise like?

How is the process utilized?

Does the resource utilization agree with plan?

Reports for product/service costs and profitability analysis

The third group of reports provides information regarding the cause of the assignment/consumption of the process through its process driver.

They can serve as a base for decisions at the operational as well as at the strategic levels. The high integration of the Activity-Based Costing in the SAP System allows you to constantly trace the costs and profitability of individual customers and products. This information allows you to take corrective measures immediately when needed. The results of these calculations also serve strategic aims in pricing of products and services. Furthermore, this information also impacts the profitability planning for the range of products and the enterprises' commitment to specific market segments.

Reporting in other CO areas, such as Product Costing, or Profitability Controls, also offers detailed answers to the following questions:

How are individual processes utilized?

Does the resource utilization agree with plan?

What has placed the processes in demand?

How do I determine fair prices for shared services?

How do processes influence the costs of my products or services, or the market segments?


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