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The goal seek function is used in manual planning to find the content of a cell automatically by referencing another cell that shares the first cell's function. The cell whose content is to be sought is referred to as the source cell. The target cell must be linked to the source cell by a formula and must represent the result of this formula.

You can enter a value - the target value - for the target cell in the goal seek function. After the function has been carried out, the value necessary for reaching the target value is written to the source cell. In this way, the system simulates manual entry.


Your planning layout contains, among others, the following columns: planned revenue, planned quantity and planned price. The planned revenue is the product of planned quantity and planned price.

When entering planning figures, you can use the goal seek function to produce in the planned price cell the value required in order to attain a certain target revenue, such as 120,000 USD. Select the planned price as the source cell and the revenue as the target cell. Ensure that there is a value in the planned quantity cell.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Since the source cell must always be the cell unlocked for manual entry, the system automatically designates as source cell that cell of the selected pair that is unlocked. If both of the selected cells are unlocked for entry, you can switch the cells round after having selected the goal seek function and then specify the source cell.



  1. Select just two cells.
  2. Choose Edit ®Goal seek.
  3. If necessary, change around the source and target cells.
  4. Enter a target value.
  5. If you want to cancel the result produced by the goal seek function, choose Edit ® Undo ® Undo entry.






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