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When you change a sales document, such as adding schedule lines or rescheduling, the system carries out delivery scheduling for all the schedule lines, new and old. Because the material availability date lies in the past for backlog schedule lines, the system performs forward scheduling. This may have the undesired affect of the system rescheduling lines that may have already been confirmed.

You can specify for each sales document type that the system is to schedule deliveries only backwards. With no forward scheduling, you can better recognize backlogs in production and the customer receives goods on time.

To deactivate forward scheduling, set the Backward indicator in Customizing for delivery scheduling. Choose Basic Functions ® Delivery Scheduling and Transportation Scheduling ® Define scheduling by sales document type.

Note that when the availability check has been activated for the schedule line category in Customizing, and availability is poor, the system ignores the Backward indicator and carries out forward scheduling anyway.

This function is available for scheduling agreements and sales orders.


Normally when you create a delivery for a backlog schedule line, the system resets the material availability date in the delivery to the current date, and copies this date to the delivery.

You can set the system to copy material availability dates unchanged to deliveries for sales document types for which you have set the backward delivery scheduling function. Just turn off rescheduling for the relevant delivery type in Customizing by choosing Logistics Execution ® Shipping ® Deliveries ® Define delivery types. Unmark the Rescheduling field in the Document content section of the screen.

In this way, you can avoid having two requirements with different dates when you make partial deliveries. Also, when you plan requirements again, the system will not propose rescheduling for production orders already in process.

When rescheduling has been turned off for a delivery type, the system does not redetermine routes.


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