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Create templates for the formula planning of business processes in the BPP environment.

You can choose between five row types. Depending on the row type you choose, the following columns are available for data entry:

Row Type

Available columns

Commentary Row

Name/Item text


Object, Name, Activation condition

Statistical Key Figure (StKF)

Object, Name, Quantity fixed formula, Quantity variable/ServUn formula, Activation condition

Calculation row

Object, Name, Quantity fixed formula, Activation conditions

Cost Element

Object, Name, Costs fixed formula, Costs variable/ServUn formula, Quantity fixed formula, Quantity variable/ServUn formula, Activation conditions


You have the following entry and maintenance possibility per column type.

Column type

Possible Entries/Processing

Row Type

Commentary line, Sub-template, Statistical key figure, Calculation row, Cost element


According to the row type: cost element, statistical key figure, and so on


Descriptive name for the line

Costs fixed formula

fixed costs

You can specify these values as constants, or you can have the system calculate them dynamically at during evaluation - the corresponding editor is available (for procedures on the Editor, see: Quantity Determination).

Costs variable/LE Formula

Variable costs

Quantity fixed formula

Fixed quantity

Quantity variable/LE Formula

Variable quantity

Activation Requirements

You can enter Active or Inactive as fixed values, or you can define a method which allows the R/3 System to activate or deactivate the item when the valuation is run (see Activation).


If you choose the row type calculation row, the editor cannot be called up in the object columns.

For more information on creating a template, see Editing Templates.

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