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You should always produce this report for a business process.

It shows:

The structure according to cost elements shows you the origin of each driver quantity. The report can play a crucial role in checking the consistency of your process planning.

The report answers questions like:



Upper Screen Area

The debit side lists all booked cost elements for the chosen business process; the system shows the corresponding credits underneath these debits. Debits and credits are balanced in row Over/Under absorption.

Information regarding the allocation partners appears next to the cost elements: this includes, the type of allocation partners as well as their names and partner activity types. The next columns contain planned total and fixed costs and quantities as well as the quantity units of the partner activity types.

Middle Screen Area

The system shows the activity quantities given from the business process. The area contains 6 columns: process driver units of the processes, planned activity quantity and capacity, output units and output, as well as the scheduled activity.

Lower Screen Area

The statistical key figures planned in the business process are displayed. The area contains several columns, including: statistical key figure and the displayed unit of measure, planned quantity and maximum statistical quantity.




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