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The cost is used to compare the determined prices with the costs and to determine the contribution margin accounting. To do this, you can use the condition type VPRS in the R/3 System as the cost price. The condition type VPRS is used as a statistical value in the pricing procedure.

If Customizing has been configured appropriately, the system determines the cost for third-party order processing from the value of the vendor invoice plus proportional statistic conditions (for example, cash discounts or statistical freight) from the purchase order in Materials Management.

Settings in Customizing

You need to make certain settings in Customizing for billing document copying control at item level, if you want the cost for the billing document to be taken from the vendor invoice with proportional conditions. The quantity indicator in the billing documentís document flow then controls where the cost comes from. Activate indicator F in the Billing quantity field (billing quantity equals goods receipt quantity minus quantity already billed).



You can find more information about costs in the Conditions and Pricing documentation under Structure link Cost.



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