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To define the formatting of date fields, use the SET DATE MASK control command. Executing this command causes all subsequent date fields to be printed using the specified format.


/: SET DATE MASK = 'date_mask'

In the date mask, you can use the following codes:

All other characters found in a date mask are interpreted as simple text and are copied straight into the output.


Assuming the current system date is March 1st, 1997.

/: SET DATE MASK = 'Foster City, MM/DD/YY'
&DATE& -> Foster City, 03/01/97

&DATE& -> March 01, 1997

The date mask may be reset to the default setting by using an empty string:

/: SET DATE MASK = ' '

The abbreviated and full forms of the names of the days and months are stored in the language dependent TTDTG table under the following keys:

dd: day number 01 = Monday,..., 07 = Sunday

mm: month number 01 = January,..., 12 = December



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