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A collective search help combines several elementary search helps. The user can thus choose one of several alternative search paths with a collective search help.

When you define a collective search help, you only have to specify the search helps that are to be combined in the collective search help. In the input help, the values are transported between the elementary search help selected by the user and the input template using the collective search help. This is why a collective search help also has an interface for transporting the values.

Interface of the Collective Search Help

Like an elementary search help, a collective search help has an interface of import and export parameters. The data is exchanged between the screen template and the parameters of the assigned elementary search helps using this interface.

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Assigned Search Helps

A collective search help comprises several elementary search helps. It combines all the search paths that are meaningful for a field.

The interface parameters (import and export parameters) of the included search helps must be assigned to the parameters of the collective search help. Not all of the parameters need to be assigned, that is the assignment can be open for some of the parameters.

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Both elementary search helps and other search helps can be included in a collective search help. If other collective search helps are contained in a collective search help, they are expanded to the level of the elementary search helps when the input help is called.

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