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Initial screen

  1. In the menu for Cost centers or for Processes, choose Actual postings ® Actual price ® Enter.
  2. Then enter the relevant periods and fiscal year.
  3. Also enter:
      1. for which business process or business process groups you want to define the price, or
      2. for which cost center(s) and activity type(s) you want to define the price
  4. Activate either free- or form-based.
  5. If you choose free, the SAP System offers an overview screen containing previously planned records available for change. The system shows the header completely, even when no values already exist. Moreover, you can enter new characteristic values in the rows.

    If you choose form-based, the SAP System produces all objects selected in the initial screen, independent of whether values exist or not. In each price setting, the same characteristic value structure appears. You cannot produce new characteristic values.

  6. Choose Overview Screen or Period Screen.

Overview Screen

Follow these steps in the Overview screen:

  1. Enter the price for the object you selected.
  2. Check or set the price indicator.
  3. Choose Book.

Period screen

To branch to the Period screen, follow these steps:

  1. In the Overview screen, position the cursor on an entry and choose Period screen.
  2. Accept the value suggested by the system, or enter your own period value.

You will find more information on navigating through the Overview or Period Screens under Structure link Planning Functions.


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