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Data is exchanged between the decoupled, logical application components Travel Management and Payroll, which constitutes part of the Human Resources (HR) System. You enter trip costs in Travel Management. The trip costs are collected, and then distributed to the separate HR Payroll application component. The Transferred to HR Payroll status is assigned to the trip costs. The Payroll application component processes the trip costs, pays them, and taxes them accordingly.


The Distribution of Trip Costs interface is supported by ALE. The interface is provided as follows:

To retrieve possible period data, you must transfer tables T549Q (Payroll Periods) and T549A (Payroll Accounting Areas).

To set the correct payroll period, the Payroll control record is read synchronously in the Payroll System.

Trip cost results are transferred asynchronously from Travel Management to Payroll. Retroactive accounting data is set automatically.


Call up the R/3 library and see CA - Cross-Application Components ® ALE Business Process Library.


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