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The Confirmations from PP, PI, PM, CS, and PS interface supports the transfer of order confirmations from Production Planning and Control (PP), Process Industries (PI), Plant Maintenance (PM), Customer Service (CS), and Project System (PS) to the Personnel Time Management component in the Human Resources (HR) System. Performance-based payments are effected to employees on the basis of such order confirmations.


Order confirmations are transferred asynchronously via ALE (using BAPIs).


You must enter order confirmations in Logistics (LO) for a personnel number. The personnel numbers and wage types are checked locally in the LO System. The time recording ID numbers are converted to personnel numbers in the LO System. Therefore, you must replicate HR master data and customizing tables for wage types.


The Confirmations from PP, PI, PM, CS, and PS interface is used for confirmations entered manually in the LO System, and for confirmations collected from a plant data collection system (PDC, communication channels 2, 3, 4, 5). You can enter the confirmations for PP, PM, CS, PS, and PI as time tickets (hours worked). You can also enter confirmations for PP and PI as time events (start of working time, end of working time).

Time ticket confirmations from PP and PI are posted as time tickets to the HR Incentive Wages component. Time ticket confirmations from PS, PM, and CS are posted as attendances to the HR Personnel Time Management component. Processing time tickets in HR has no effect on LO.

Time events are transferred to PDC time events in Personnel Time Management. Time tickets are generated automatically on the basis of these time events, and then transferred to the HR Incentive Wages component for performance-based payments. To correct errors, you can use Remote Function Call (RFC) to maintain HR time events in the LO System. The corrections are transferred asynchronously to the HR System using the interface technology described above.


For more information, see the SAP Library, under Structure linkTransferring Data from SAP Logistics.



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