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When an error occurs during a status change, the SAP System provides two possibilities: The system issues an error message and retains the status of the kanban so that the action can be repeated at any time, or the system sets the kanban to status ERROR. You can only process an incorrect kanban again if you have carried out the kanban correction. Here you require the appropriate authorization.


If the system simply issues an error message without changing the kanban status, then you must have already defined this in Customizing for KANBAN under Status ® Define error handling in status change. To do so you require the transaction code, the work area and the number of the corresponding error message. For further information read the appropriate Customizing documentation.


This can be useful, for example, if there is no valid production cost collector when carrying out the backflush of a run schedule quantity. In this case it is advisable to set the kanban to status ERROR since the user must initially complete the missing data. After completing the data, you can set the status of the kanban from ERROR to the next status in the kanban correction.

In some situations, for example if the data is temporarily locked by another user, it is not advisable to change the kanban status. An error message is sufficient, which tells the user that the data is locked. The action can then be repeated at any time.



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