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The production cost collector serves to collect the actual costs incurred per period and to bill this to the produced materialís balance sheet account . The differences calculated can be regularly billed to the profitability segment for the material produced.

With the cost collector, cost object controlling is carried out for the replenishment strategies, "in-house production with run schedule quantities" and "manual KANBAN": The following data can be posted to the cost collector:

For more information on cost object controlling, please refer to the SAP document, CO Controlling.

Replenishment Strategies with Cost Collector

If you use replenishment strategies with a cost collector, proceed as follows:

  1. In the material master record (planning data screen 3), you must enter a repetitive manufacturing profile.

In the repetitive manufacturing profile, you have two options:

  1. The cost collector must be created in the KANBAN menu.

Here, you have two options:

For more information on creating cost collectors, see Creating the Cost Collector.

  1. If you work with the repetitive manufacturing profile "Separate cost collector for material and production version", you must have entered the production version in the replenishment strategy in the control cycle. The system requires this entry

Selecting the Cost Collector when Posting KANBAN Documents


If you change the repetitive manufacturing profile for already existing replenishment elements (for example, you select "Cost collector for material and production version" instead of "Cost collector for material"), the system issues an error message when you try to set the kanban status to FULL as the replenishments do not yet have a production version. Make sure that when you change the repetitive manufacturing profile or cost collector you also maintain all the necessary steps the system requires to find the cost collector.




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