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  1. Starting from the main KANBAN menu, choose Evaluations ® Control cycles/Kanbans.
  2. You branch to the initial screen of the evaluation.

  3. Enter the plant in which the control cycles/kanbans are to be selected.
  4. Define the appropriate criteria for the selection. You can save these criteria as a variant as you can for every report.
  5. Choose Execute.

The system displays the results of your selection.

Accessing Additional Information

You can display the control cycle data by double-clicking on the control cycle line. If you want to change a control cycle, position the cursor on the control cycle and choose, Edit ® Change control cycle.

You can display the data of an individual kanban by double-clicking on the kanban.

You can display the current stock/requirements list by placing the cursor on the control cycle line and selecting Goto ® Stock/reqmts list.

You can display the stock overview by placing the cursor on the control cycle lines and selecting Goto ® Stock overview.

You can access the kanban correcting by choosing Goto ® Kanban correction.




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