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In this process, the storage location assigned to the supply area is not excluded from MRP.

If a material is planned and procured with MRP, you must make the following settings:


Here, the total production quantity or the procurement quantities of a certain period are planned in the planning run and the replenishment elements are also created in the planning run. For in-house production, you can use either Repetitive Manufacturing or production orders to plan the production quantities per period. For external procurement, all the standard replenishment elements are available. The replenishment elements created in the planning run, however, are not intended to trigger production or replenishment directly. Instead, they exist to provide the supply source with a preview. Actual production and material flow are controlled and triggered by setting the kanban to FULL and EMPTY. Backflushes and goods receipts are posted with no reference to the kanban. This means that you can backflush daily quantities, for example.

In this procedure, the following is valid for materials with BOMs:

Components that are used in KANBAN materials can be planned using any one of the MRP procedures. However, the system has to be organized so that the supply source does not produce the material for the replenishment element created in MRP immediately but awaits the kanban request.


As the system creates preview data in the procedure with MRP, it is particularly useful for replenishment with run schedule quantities (Repetitive Manufacturing) and scheduling agreement releases.



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