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When you remove part of the contents from a full homogeneous storage unit from bulk storage, you may want to store it in another storage type. To do this, you need to assign a pick point to SU-managed bulk storage when you define the storage type record. This is done using the same procedures as those used for other SU-managed storage types.

For bulk storage types in which partial pallets are allowed or in which mixed storage is allowed, the use of a pick point is not required.

See Using a Pick Point for information on how to define storage types for this purpose.

Bulk storage Control Parameters

To insure that the proper amount of stock will be removed from storage, see the section Strategies ® Stock placement strategies ® Define strategy for bulk storage ® Define storage type control in the Warehouse Management IMG

In Customizing you need to maintain two parameters, "Total" and "Round Off", for SU management in connection with the processing of partial storage units.

Level of Total Quant Count

The Total field is used for internal calculation of the total quant count for SU-managed bulk storage. This parameter influences both stock placements and stock removals.

Stock Placement

For putaways this parameter controls whether the system will automatically mix batches or not. If the parameter is set to "1" (batch neutral), the system looks for a storage bin where the material already exists. The batch number is not taken into consideration in this case. If the parameter is set to "2" (batch specific), the system looks for a storage bin where the batch of the material already exists and attempts to add the new stock to the existing stock. If that isnít possible, the system looks for an empty storage bin.

Stock Removal

The parameters that influence picking include the "Complete removal requirement", the "level of the total quant count" and whether or not a pick point is entered in the storage type record.

The level of the total quant count controls how the totals information is processed. The system calculates the total quant count separately for each storage bin and for each material that is in this storage bin in SU-managed bulk storage areas. Materials that require batches can also influence this level. If the parameter is set to "2" (batch specific), the system calculates a total quant count for each batch. If the parameter is set to "1" (batch neutral), all the batches of this material are added together.

For stock removals, when the total quant count has been calculated for batches, you must also specify the batch in the transfer order item to ensure that the quantity is subtracted from the corresponding total quant count. This means that the user may only pick from a storage unit that contains this batch.

When you confirm the transfer order, the system checks whether the storage unit entry also contains the corresponding batch.

Round off

When you choose RoundOff, you optimize the procedure for picking from SU-managed bulk storage areas. This function is explained in detail in the example.

Optimizing the Removal of Partial Storage Units

When you select the RoundOff data column, the system optimizes the removal of partial storage units.


The primary prerequisite is that you have defined the stock removal procedure in such a way that the system first selects a storage type for picking which is managed for large/small quantities and, afterwards, selects the bulk storage area. As a result, the system searches for a particular material first in a picking area (large/small strategy) and then in bulk storage.

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