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Processing Stock Removals from Bulk storage

There are many variations to the following example and the screens that appear depend upon settings in Customizing, the menus you select and the entries you make on subsequent screens. The following is a typical example.


Letís assume that you want to remove 450 boxes of material TESTMAT from bulk storage. If there are 100 boxes of TESTMAT in each storage unit, the system will create a transfer order to remove 5 storage units from SU-managed bulk storage.

The transfer order will initially contain only one "neutral" transfer order item indicating that 450 boxes of material TESTMAT are to be picked from bulk storage.


To confirm the transfer order in the example, a possible manual procedure is as follows:

  1. Choose Logistics ® Logistics Execution ® Internal Whse Processes ® Stock Transfer ® Confirm Transfer Order ® Single Document ® In One Step from the SAP menu.
  2. Enter the transfer order number and warehouse number in the appropriate data fields and choose ENTER .
  3. The system displays the transfer order overview screen with four tabstrip folders.

  4. Select the transfer order item in the Active work list that removes the 5 storage units and choose Confirm internally from the application toolbar.
  5. On the storage unit number entry screen, enter the SU numbers for the storage units picked in the Storage unit column (or scan them for picking) and choose ENTER .
  6. The system suggests the available quantity as the pick quantity. For one of the storage units, enter only 50 boxes as the quantity to be picked. Depending on the Customizing settings, the system will post the remaining 50 boxes to the pick point storage type.


    You can change the pick quantity or enter a difference quantity. You cannot enter the remaining quantity. Instead, the system calculates the remaining quantity from the available quantity and the difference quantity. If you reduce the pick quantity to 0, it is the same as not picking the storage unit.

    If the quantity of the first SU you enter exceeds the pick quantity, the system automatically suggests the removal quantity (the quantity required in the transfer order item) as the Pick quantity and calculates the Remaining quantity.


    If you decide not to process a remaining quantity the system will confirm the transfer order with an overdelivery.

    If the Confirmation field in the "End of confirmation" section of the screen is selected, the system will carry out the confirmation and ignore any differences in the transfer order.

  7. Choose Confirm in foreground or Confirm in background.
  8. How to Process Differences

  9. If there are differences, enter the difference in the Difference quantity field and choose ENTER.
  10. The system calaculates the remaining quantity. Choose Confirm internally.

  11. In the dialog box that appears, choose Confirm difference or cancel and correct your entries.
  12. To complete the transaction, choose Transfer order ® Post.

The system clears the "neutral" transfer order item and creates the transfer order items for each storage unit removed from bulk storage.

Displaying Transfer Orders after Confirmation

If you display the transfer order after it has been confirmed, item 1 (the neutral item) no longer exists and the individual storage units that were picked are added as separate items in the transfer order.

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