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Goods issue for an outbound delivery in the Warehouse Management system (WMS) includes picking and goods issue posting for a material to be delivered, based on the outbound delivery. If you map the goods issue process via an outbound delivery, you can execute the processes related to the goods issue within the warehouse (picking, stock removal) before you trigger the actual goods issue posting.


You can also use lean WM for goods issue for an outbound delivery.

Goods Issue for an Outbound Delivery Using WMS or Lean WM

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You have activated the interface between Shipping and the WMS in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® Shipping.

You have created outbound deliveries or scheduling agreements in SAP Shipping (LE-SHP) based on sales orders. The outbound deliveries serve as reference documents for the picking processes to be performed in the WMS.

The material to be picked is stored in a WM-managed storage location.

You have defined a picking strategy in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Strategies ® Picking Strategies.

Process Flow

  1. You create the outbound delivery for a sales order or for another preceding document.
  2. The system recognizes at outbound delivery item level which items are relevant for stock removal with the WMS. It sets the WM activity status in the outbound delivery to A (relevant to Warehouse Management).

    For more information, see Structure linkCreating Outbound Deliveries.

  3. You create the transfer order for the outbound delivery for picking from your warehouse.
  4. You can create the transfer orders directly or let the system create them automatically. For more information, see Creating Transfer Orders.

    You can create several transfer orders per outbound delivery if you have activated the transfer order split in the Customizing for Warehouse Management. For more information, see Activities ® Transfers ® Processing Performance Data/TO Split in the Warehouse Management section of the Implementation Guide.

  5. You can take into account batch information when creating transfer orders for picking.
  6. For more information, see Batch Management.


    If the batches to be picked are not defined in the outbound delivery, and if you want to pick more than one batch to be able to cover the required quantity, you must confirm these batches to the outbound delivery. In doing so, you create a new outbound delivery item for each batch.

  7. The system sets the WM Activity status to B, which means that a transfer order has been created but not confirmed.
  8. A print out of the TO serves as a picking document when removing goods from the source storage bin that has been determined, to the goods issue interim storage area.
  9. You can find more information on printing TOs under Printing Transfer Orders and Labels.

  10. By confirming the transfer order, you confirm that the goods have been brought to the goods issue interim storage area.
  11. In doing so, you record any stock differences between the required quantity and the picked quantity.

  12. Post the goods issue for the outbound delivery.

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Procedure of goods issue for outbound delivery

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You can stay informed about progress of the stock removal throughout the entire goods issue process via the outbound delivery, since the system updates the WM activity status every time a step is completed in the transfer order processing.

Using Handling Unit Management

You can find more information on stock removal of handling units under Structure linkPicking of Handling Units for Deliveries.

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