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The process of stock removal includes picking goods from storage bins in the warehouse and staging them in the destination storage bin. If you use the Warehouse Management system (WMS), you create a transfer order (TO) for all warehouse movements. You therefore execute stock removal based on a stock removal transfer order. The printed transfer order serves as a picking list.

To make the search for the right material for stock removal easier, the Warehouse Management system offers stock removal strategies. WMS selects the storage type and exact storage bin from which the material is to be picked, according to the stock removal strategy.

Process Flow

  1. The outbound delivery or transfer requirement sends a request to the WMS to remove goods from stock.
  2. You create a TO for the outbound delivery or for the transfer requirement.
  3. You use a printout of the TO as a picking list.
  4. When you confirm the transfer order, you confirm in the system that the physical removal of the goods from stock is complete. The material to be removed from storage is in the storage bin determined in the TO.
  5. The system reduces the stock in the source storage bin by the quantity of the material that has been picked and posts this material quantity to the destination storage bin.


The following figure explains the process flow of stock removal from the WM managed warehouse, based on an outbound delivery:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

To remove the material from storage you create a transfer order (TO) for the outbound delivery. Several TO items can be created from one outbound delivery item. This is the case, for example, if you have to pick the material for item 2 of the outbound delivery from three different source storage bins in order to remove the quantity specified in the outbound delivery from storage. Item 2 of the outbound delivery creates three TO items.



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