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In Lean-WM, you create transfer orders (TO) for deliveries to pick stock from fixed bins in the warehouse that are not managed by the WM system.

Transfer orders created with Lean WM instead of normal WM have the following characteristics:


You have set up Lean WM in your SAP System. For more information, refer to Setting up Lean WM. See Logistics Execution ® Shipping ® Picking ® Lean WM in Customizing for a description of the different activities.

Process Flow

Generally, the processes used in Lean WM are similar to those in normal WM. There are deliveries and transfer orders are created for the deliveries. However, with Lean WM, it is much easier to create the transfer order.

  1. Create a delivery as the prerequisite for the transfer order.
  2. Create a transfer order for the delivery.
  3. Post the goods issue.



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