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In Human Resources (HR), the following logical databases can be used as a data source for HR InfoSets:

By selecting a logical database, you determine the HR data that can be reported on using an InfoSet.

Logical Database PCH

This logical database generally enables you to report on all HR infotypes. However, you are advised not to use this logical database unless you want to report on Personnel Planning data.

Logical Database PNP (or PNPCE)

Use logical database PNP to report on HR master data. It is possible to use logical database PCH to access this data, but PNP meets such reporting requirements more quickly because it is best suited to the task of selecting persons.

Logical database PNP enables you to access HR master data and infotypes from Personnel Planning. For example, you have the following options:

From a technical perspective, this means you can use PNP to report on all of the infotypes that exist for objects (infotype 1000) that have a direct relationship (infotype 1001) with the Person object.


The ability to access infotypes from Personnel Planning using logical database PNP is a special feature that you can only use in the context of SAP Query and Ad Hoc Query. You cannot use this functionality for ABAP reports you programmed yourself.

You can also use logical database PNP to report on data from Personnel Time Management (infotypes 2000 to 2999) and Payroll (special payroll infotypes for the USA and customer infotypes; for more information, access Customizing for the Human Resources Information System and see Payroll Results).

Logical Database PAP

Logical database PAP enables you to access data from Recruitment.

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