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A master record can be in an active and/or an inactive version. There are active/inactive master record versions for cost centers, business processes and profit centers.


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Active Master Data

The system works only with the active version of the master record. Therefore, only active master data is used for postings for example.

Inactive Master Data

If you change one or more of the values in a master record, the system initially saves these changes in a new inactive version without making the required consistency checks. This version is not used productively, for example, for postings.

When you create a new master record, the system initially creates an inactive version of the master record. To be able to use the master data productively, you need to activate the master record.


When you activate the master data, the system checks the data and if no inconsistencies, transfers it to the active version of the master record. The inactive version is deleted.

If there is an older active version of the corresponding master record, the system overwrites it.


Inactive master data is not transported, nor is it distributed via ALE. You cannot maintain inactive master data with either single processing or collective processing).


You can activate or delete the corresponding inactive master data:

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