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To add a new entry:

  1. Display the SAP Logon by choosing Start Õ SAP Frontend Õ SAPlogon
  2. Choose New... to display the New Entry dialog box.
  1. Enter the following information:

Description: A short description of the system

Application Server: The name of the host that you want to connect to

SAP Router String: A routing entry (for example, saproute.ini .)

SAP System: Specify whether the new SAP System is an R/2 or an R/3 System

System Number: Specify the system number of the SAP System that you want to connect to

To change an existing entry:

From the SAP Logon, select a system and choose Properties.


For server entries, you can change all data. For logon group entries, you cannot change the Application Server, the SAP System or the System Number.

To remove an entry:

From the SAP Logon, select a system and choose Delete.

To exit:

To exit the SAP Logon, choose Close.


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