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Manager's Desktop assists in the performance of administrative and organizational management tasks. In addition to functions in Personnel Management, Manager's Desktop also covers other application components like Controlling, where it supports manual planning or the information system for cost centers.


You have assigned a cost center to every position.

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For the planner profiles and planning layouts selected, you can access manual planning from Manager's Desktop by branching to the HR system.


To plan using Manager's Desktop, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Human resources ® Manager's Desktop ® Costs + Budget.
  2. On the right screen area, select the Cost center assignment tab strip, and choose an assigned cost center.
  3. Note

    Cost centers are indicated by a "K", positions by an "S", and organizational units with an "O".

  4. In the structure tree, choose Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning.
  5. Select the type of planning you require, for example cost element planning, activity planning and so on.

The system branches to manual cost center planning, whereby you can only choose (using function codes) from the planner profiles and planning layouts that you selected in Customizing.

For more information on Manager's Desktop, see the SAP Library under Human Resources ® PA Personnel Management ® Structure link Manager's Desktop.



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