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You can manually set an actual price for an activity price of a cost center or a business transaction, independent of the actual activity price calculation. This price is drawn for the valuation of activity relationships between cost centers or business processes. You can overwrite the price retroactively if the price is dependent on the price indicator or on the actual price calculation.


To produce an actual price manually, first choose a suitable planner profile.

The standard planner profile contains planning layout 1-N01, which produces a manual actual price for activity types in cost centers, and 1-Q01, which produces a manual actual price for a business process.


You can set the fixed or variable part of the actual price in cost centers for an activity type. Moreover, you can determine actual price units and actual price indicators (see Structure link Price Indicators).

Similarly, planning layout 1-N01 shows the data booked to the plan price.

You can define the fixed and variable parts of the actual price, actual price unit, and actual price indicator (see Structure link Price Indicators) for business processes.

Similarly, planning layout 1-Q01 shows the data booked to the plan price.


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