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To create wave picks automatically according to time criteria with reference to shipments, proceed as follows:


  1. From shipping, choose Picking ® Wave Picks ® Create ® Acc. to Shipment and Compare Times.
  2. The Create Pick. Waves acc. to Shipments/Shpmnt Compare Times screen appears.

  3. Enter the number of the warehouse for which you want to create wave picks.
  4. Enter one or more shipment numbers in the Shipment section of the screen. Only deliveries from these shipments will be included in the waves that are created. You can choose a Compare time that falls between start and end loading. If you choose Start loading, the selected shipments will be assigned to the time slots of the timeslot group according to their planned loading start time, for example.
  1. Make the following entries in the Time frame section of the screen:

All deliveries whose compare times correspond to this date are incorporated into wave creation for that day.

You can combine various time slots by entering a timeslot group. You get a maximum of one wave pick per time slot.

If you only want to construct a wave pick for one particular time slot of the timeslot group, you will need to explicitly specify a time slot in addition to the timeslot group you have already entered.

  1. Choose a processing type:

Choose this processing type if you want the waves to appear onscreen, if you want to edit them before saving or if you only want to run a simulation (in the foreground).

Choose this processing type if you want to save the waves immediately without displaying them first (background processing).

The system saves the waves without displaying them onscreen.

  1. Choose Program ® Execute.
  2. The result is the same as that of Create Wave Pick Acc. to Delivery Time.


All deliveries in one shipment belong to exactly one wave pick. For this reason, you are not allowed to distribute deliveries from the same shipment among different wave picks.





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