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To create wave picks for one or more shipments, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Picking ® Wave Picks ® Create ® According to shipment.
  2. The Create Pick. Waves acc. to Shpmnts screen appears.

  3. Enter the warehouse number and one or more shipments.
  4. Choose a processing type:

Choose this processing type if you want the waves to appear onscreen, if you want to edit them before saving or if you only want to run a simulation (in the foreground). For more information, refer to point 5.

Choose this processing type if you want to save the waves immediately without displaying them first (background processing).

The system saves the waves without displaying them onscreen.

  1. The system creates exactly one wave pick for each shipment you selected.
  2. Note

    All deliveries in one shipment belong to exactly one wave pick. For this reason, you are not allowed to distribute deliveries from the same shipment among different wave picks.

  3. Save the wave picks.
  4. The numbers of the wave picks that have been created appear on the screen.




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