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You can use the ALE functions in Product Cost Planning to transfer the costing results into other systems for further costing purposes.

The results of a cost estimate (cost component split) can be distributed to a particular system or to all the logical systems that are required in the customer model to receive the costing data.


Data Flow: Further Costing in Other Systems

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Material A is costed in Plant 1 (System 1). The cost component split for Material A is distributed by ALE from System 1 to System 2, and is used for further costing for Material E. There is a mirror plant 1' in System 2 for this.

When you cost Material E in Plant 2 (System 2), you can access the cost component split of Material A in plant 1' by Structure link special procurement key. This enables you to Structure link rollup the costs for Material A.

You distribute the cost component split by choosing Accounting ® Controlling ® Product Cost Planning ® Tools ® Material Costing ® Distribution ® Cost Component Split. You can use the selection criteria, such as material number, class, plant, and costing variant, to define which cost estimates should be distributed to which system.

The system enters the data in Idocs and transfers it to the target system specified. If you do not enter a target system, the selected cost estimates are sent to all the defined receivers in the distribution model.

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