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To create wave picks automatically according to time criteria, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Picking ® Wave Picks ® Create ® According to delivery time.
  2. The Create/Change Wave Picks screen appears.

  3. Enter the number of the warehouse for which you want to create wave picks.
  4. Make the following entries in the Time frame section of the screen:

All deliveries whose compare times correspond to this date are incorporated into wave creation for that day.

You can combine various time slots by entering a timeslot group. You get a maximum of one wave pick per time slot.

In addition to the timeslot group, specify a time slot if you only want to construct a wave pick for that particular time slot of the timeslot group.

Deliveries that have not yet been assigned to a wave pick can be included when the waves are created. Enter the date as of which these deliveries should be incorporated.

  1. Choose a processing type:

Choose this processing type if you want the waves to appear onscreen, if you want to edit them before saving or if you only want to run a simulation (in the foreground).

Choose this processing type if you want to save the waves immediately without displaying them first (background processing).

The system saves the waves without displaying them onscreen.

  1. In the Filter section of the screen, there are various selection criteria that you can use to choose specific deliveries that you want to combine into wave picks.
  2. Choose Program ® Execute.
  3. Depending on the processing type you chose, the result is as follows:

The system displays one or more wave proposals onscreen. You can process these waves further before you save them. For more information, refer to point 8. If you just wanted to run a simulation, choose Cancel.


Information structure S159 is the basis for creation of wave picks. Updating this information structure is controlled in Customizing for wave picks (see Control update of workload data in the Implementation Guide). If you have problems creating wave picks, you should check the updating by choosing Wave Picks ® Logs ® Update.

ยท Save waves directly

The system displays the numbers of the wave picks that have been saved in the database.

  1. Using the Structure link ABAP list viewer, the system displays one or more wave proposals onscreen. The following indicators appear as standard:

Waves without capacity restrictions or waves with capacity restrictions that have not been exceeded.

If you expand the wave, the corresponding deliveries will appear.

All deliveries in this wave (except for surplus deliveries) have a green traffic light. The green check mark means they are flagged to be saved.

Waves with capacity restrictions that have been exceeded.

If you expand the wave, the corresponding deliveries will appear.

Deliveries that are not considered critical as far as capacity is concerned

Deliveries that are in the critical range for wave capacity


Surplus deliveries are generally assigned to the first wave, which appears fully expanded on the screen. Surplus deliveries are marked with a stop sign.

  1. In response to a capacity crisis, you could process the waves that are displayed as follows:

Get rid of the wave's check mark (saving indicator).

Expand the wave and delete the save check marks from the chosen deliveries. The system only saves those deliveries that are marked to be saved. This means that deliveries that have no check mark will not be saved, even if they are within a wave that is marked for saving.

To move a delivery from a source wave to a target wave, proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the number of the delivery in the source wave that you want to move. The delivery is highlighted in yellow.
    2. Now click on the target wave. The delivery is moved from the source wave to the target wave, where it is marked with a plus sign.
  1. Save the wave picks
  2. The numbers of the wave picks that have been created appear on the screen.


The system creates a log of the activities performed. To view the log, choose Wave Picks ® Log ® Wave Pick.




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