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It is sometimes necessary during or at end of a production process to execute additional operations in order to improve components or products with insufficient quality. These additional processing steps are referred to as rework.


You have a production order for 20 shafts. After a turning operation you carry out an inspection operation to check the tolerances. % shafts are found to be outside the tolerances. By reworking you can enter these 5 pieces as yield. You therefore insert a rework operation where the 5 pieces are turned a second time


You can incorporate rework into the production process in the following ways:

Planned Rework

If rework frequently occurs at particular points in the production process, you can assign trigger points to operations, which then automatically trigger the following functions when a status changes (for example, when a confirmation is entered):

For more information about handling and maintaining trigger points, refer to the SAP Library Trigger Points.





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