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You use this component when you want to transfer data from an old/legacy system into the R/3 system using a direct input procedure.

This function is used in the following components:


In order to be able to transfer business partner data, you must have the role SAP_FS_BP_DEVELOPER_AG.


The data is read and converted from a sequential input file, which you have created using data from your old/legacy system. Before being saved in the R/3 data pool, the data is put through several checks. In the case of an error(s), you can rectify the situation using the error log and additional functions.

To assist you with large masses of data, there is a function with which you can split the input file into several smaller files, which can then be transferred at the same time.

In several components there are example programs which you can use as templates for your own program. You can then use an RFC to transfer data from a legacy system in "near time".

For testing purposes, you can create an input file using the test data editor.


Selecting data in the source system and creating a sequential input file is not done in the R/3 system.

You can only transfer data that has SAP interfaces in R/3. You can find further information under Transfer Categories in the IMG of the relevant component. Note that in some components (for example CO-PA) only one single transfer category exists. This category is not therefore visible to the user.


Data, for which no transfer category exists, cannot be transferred using the direct input procedure via the external data transfer method. To transfer this data, use the batch input procedure.

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