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You use selection variants to select master data for cost elements, cost centers, activity types, business processes, orders or WBS elements using one or more master data attributes.


You define a selection variant, with which you can select all cost elements of a cost element category, or all primary costs.

You only need to enter the selection criteria for the object once and then save them in a selection variant. The system uses the criteria stored in the selection variant during runtime to determine the corresponding objects.


Note that the selection of objects can require a lot of runtime.


During collective processing of master data you can use selection variants to select objects according to master data attributes.

When creating or changing groups (see: Creating or Changing Master Data Groups) you can insert existing selection variants in the end node of a hierarchy by choosing <Name of selection variant> or making a selection from the F4 help.

You can execute reports using selection variants in the Information System. To do this, enter the name of the selection variant instead of a group in the selection screen. You can also define reports using selection variants. Enter the name of the selection variant as the characteristic value under Group. This allows you, for example, to display in the report all the cost centers of a company code


You can create, change or display selection variants.

For more detailed information on the procedure, see the IMG for each set of master data (for example, under Define Selection Variants and Cost Centers).

To create new selection variants in collective processing, select Selection variant and choose Create selection variant.

To change an existing selection variant, select Selection variant and then choose Change selection variant.

To display existing selection variants, select Selection variant and then choose Display selection variant.


When you are creating or changing groups you can double click on the selection variant you have entered to change it. You cannot, however, create any new selection variants.



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