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In the picking overview, the system only includes outbound deliveries that not been picked or have only been partially picked. You can limit the selection by picking date, for example.


To select outbound deliveries due for picking, proceed as follows:

  1. From shipping, choose Picking ® Create transfer order ® Via Outb. Delivery Monitor.

The Outbound Deliveries for Picking screen appears.

  1. In the Organization data section, enter the shipping point, and in the Output proposal section, enter the relevant shipping documents. You can also specify intervals for certain data.

If, in the same overview, you want to display deliveries due for fixed bin picking as well as check deliveries to be passed on to the WM System for picking in the same overview, select the Both picking types indicator in the Picking data section. Otherwise, you must enter an indicator for the picking type according to which selections are to be made.

  1. Choose Program ® Execute.

The Day's Workload for Picking screen appears. In this list, the system displays the deliveries for picking, sorted by shipping point and picking date.


For more information on working with the delivery monitor, see List Functions, and Executing Subsequent Processing.

Creating transfer orders

In the Day's Workload for Picking list, you can create transfer orders for the selected deliveries with WM picking. These transfer orders are used in Warehouse Management to process the various goods movements (putaway, stock transfer, picking). For more information on transfer orders, see Structure link Warehouse Management.

To create transfer orders from this list, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Day's Workload for Picking screen, select the deliveries for which you want to create transfer orders.
  2. Choose either TO in backgr. or TO in foregr.

If you choose Transfer order backgrnd, the system creates transfer orders in the background for the deliveries selected.

If you choose Transfer order foregrnd, the system creates transfer orders for the selected deliveries in dialog mode.

In the overview screen, a message appears to inform you of how many transfer orders were created successfully. If the system was not able to create transfer orders, you receive a corresponding message with the reason.



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