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The system uses message determination to send a kanban summarized JIT call to an external supplier. Message determination may be executed as follows:

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The production call profile 0001, valid for scheduling agreement 550064 010, is saved in the control cycle for plant 0001. The partner role BP Ordering Address SeqJC is saved in the call profile 0001.

The production call profile access the scheduling agreement and checks it for corresponding partner roles. The corresponding partner role BP Ordering Address SeqJC is assigned to supplier PK_SUPPL2.

In the vendor master record for this supplier PK_SUPPL2 various partner roles have been maintained. In the condition records for plant 0001 and the call profile of the control cycle, the partner role PA has been saved for message type MAFO. The system now sends the summarized JIT call message to supplier PK_SUPPL3 for which the partner role PA is also entered in the vendor master record of PK_SUPPL2.



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