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For manual shipping, you select reports manually from the report tree.

For automatic material safety data sheet shipping, the SAP System makes the selection. If the SAP System cannot select a report, it creates a report request (see Automatic Report Shipping).


You have made the settings in Product Safety Customizing for report shipping.


Selection for Manual Report Shipping

The selection is made from the report information system. From the report tree in the report information system, you can recognize directly which selection criteria the report belongs to. The following criteria are always displayed:


Each report is generated for one particular specification. A specification can also be assigned to a report via the report-specification assignment.

Selection for Automatic Material Safety Data Sheet Shipping

In automatic report shipping, the SAP System must be able to select a specification via the material-specification assignment function. The SAP System checks whether a report was generated for the specification itself or whether the specification was assigned to a report via the specification-report assignment function.

The generation variant defines, for example, which report template is used for generating, which usage (validity area and rating) the specification data in the generated report has, and which report category the generated report has (see Generation Variant).

The SAP System selects the generation variant using the condition schema in the IMG section Condition Schemas for RGV Selection. The first of the condition tables contains the most accurate assignments. Here, for example, you can assign a generation variant directly to a ship-to party. If the SAP System cannot find a generation variant from this table it checks the second table and so on. The most general table is the fourth and final table. Here the selection is defined very generally so that the SAP System can always find a generation variant. In this fourth table, you can therefore specify a generation variant directly for a particular report category.

The jurisdictions of the ship-to party and the material safety data sheet recipient do not need to match the validity area of the generation variant. This means it is possible to send an MSDS that contains data valid for the USA to a recipient in Europe.

The language of the MSDS is determined by the language of the report recipient. You can assign other languages to the report recipient’s country in the IMG activity Assign Language and Lead Time to Country if the report is to be generated and shipped in a number of languages.

For automatic shipping, use the IMG activity Specify Key Date for Shipping to define which key date is to be used as the procurement date depending on the shipping reason. During generation, the specification data that is valid on the key date is used.



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